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Kottaram Sweet House (KSH) has a long tradition in baked products, since 1956. Growing slowly and steadily, KSH has built a loyal family of customers across Central Travancore. Quality, hygiene and customer needs are top-most priorities at KSH.

The year 1984 witnessed an addition of modern baking equipments in the sector. This increased the popularity of KSH Baking products. Now, the series from KSH include a popular Restaurant and a string of retail outlets across Kottayam only and the Catering Service from the House of Kottaram meets the party needs of Central Travancore.

Now, Kottaram is not just a bakery or a restaurant. It’s a culture followed by many in Central Travancore. We are constantly trying our best to research about newer ideas in finding newer tastes. Our research and development in the field of taste is oriented towards our vision to provide the best satisfaction to our customers.

Yes..We work with passion and that is reflected in our products!


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